How to hide folder on OS X

Mac Operating System is a very nice product.  Many people seems to discover it and maybe later it will be more used than Microsoft’s Windows.  Today we release a quick tip, our first but not the last one about OS X.  We will show you how to hide your folder under any version of OS X.  It’s useful if more than one people use your computer and you want to hide some files or protect them from child.  Also it’s very easy to do, and this not requiring any download or additional app install.

What do you need

– Any version of Mac OS X


How to do it

1. In our example, we created 2 dummy folder called ‘Folder1′ and ‘Folder2′.  Here we would like to hide ‘Folder1′.

Finder Folder Example to Hide

2. Next step is to open ‘Terminal’ utility from : Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.

Terminal Utility for OS X

3. Browse to the directory you would like to add.  Note here that command to browse are UNIX like ( cd folder, ls, and so on ).  So, in our example directory is on desktop, so we browse to the following dir : /Users/username/Desktop/TechSultan/

LS command from directory

4. Next command will be our hidding command.  You need to input it like the following : chflags hidden Folder1

chflags hidden folder os x

5. As soon as you confirm previous command your folder will disappear.  You can notice it on the next screen :

Folder is hidden

6. What if you want to access to the hidden folder ?  It’s simple : select ‘Go’ from top menu and click on ‘Go to folder’.  In the next screen, input complete folder path and press ‘Ok’.

Access to hidden folder Mac OS X

7. See, you are now in a hidden folder on OS X.



You notice that on OS X you have more access to the operating system options.  When you know how to do things, it’s easy and doesn’t require you to download additional software.

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