How to get hard drive serial number remotely with PowerShell

For most IT system administrators, having information about remote computers via scripting is a must.  Today we will learn how to retrieve hard drive serial number from a remote computer in an active directory network.  The following commands must be run on a computer with domain administrator privileges.

Get remote disks

<# Retrieve hard drives remotely (replace remoteComputer) #>

$hardDrives = Get-WMIObject -class win32_PhysicalMedia -computername remoteComputer

We now have a variable ($hardDrives) with a list of all hard drives on remoteComputer

Retrieve hard drive serial numbers

If remoteComputer have more than one hard drive, you need to create a loop to iterate through all hard drives and list serial numbers as follow :

foreach($disk in $disks)


        Write-Host $disk.SerialNumber



Now you can do whatever you want with that serial number, you can also export results in a .CSV file.  Another thing you can do is create a list of active computers and then loop through all computers to get serial numbers of all disks.  This is pretty useful for inventory.

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