How to fix your phones and tablets big screen

Smartphones are now considered the vital tool in a daily life, everyone is using different phones as a daily driver. The basic factor which is very important is the quality about the phone you are using. In the development the quality is being consider very important. Your phone might get slipped from your hands. And the very sensitive part of a smartphone is its display. Now a days repairing shops are filled with broken LCD phone. People are ready to pay any price to repair their phones and tablets screen.

Here are the some steps that could be best options for you :

Contact the manufacturer:

Some companies offer warranty claim, if your phone is in the duration of the warranty, then the best option is to claim a warranty to the company. If your device display gets cracked, you can take your phone to the manufacturer, they can fix any type damage for free.

Tech repair shop:

You can also contact to the nearest repair shop. It depends where you live. You can also search any tech shop through internet. Read Google reviews for the shops and contact there. It is also an affordable source to repair your phone or tablet’s display. Typically the cost is around $120 , you can also buy a display screen from any online web service like Amazon, Ebay and then contact to any shop to fix it. Also for display screen you can also contact to the manufacturer of your phone.

Screen Repair Spray :

Another affordable way to repair your phone in a quick way. The spray was recently released. It is made up of liquid type material , just spray the cracked screen and make it a new like before.

iFixit :


iFixit is website through which you can learn how to repair your phone display. No need to contact different shops, different engineers just go through the web. Open the enter your phone’s model and then you will get the whole guide for how to repair. Order the glass screen from different shopping websites like Amazon, Ebay etc. And try to fix it by yourself.


youtube logo

Just like iFixit , YouTube videos are another best source. There is a huge collection of tutorials videos are available on YouTube which are on “How to repair your phone LCD”. The demonstrative videos are the best source to learn every practice. You can ask some tips just by commenting below the videos.


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