How to clone a SAS drive to SSD drive

Migrating from SAS (Serial attached SCSI) or regular SATA hard drive to SSD (Solid-state drive) and having top performance isn’t just as easy as in plug’n’play.  If you do not follow steps in correct order and do not have correct hardware, it might work but you won’t have top nor best performance.  Just so you know we won’t cover disk cloning in this article, we already wrote an article about that here : How to clone a hard drive using Acronis 2013.  In this article we will help fixing the following errors you might have while cloning :

First of all, you need to make sure that your motherboard or SATA card supports the following :

AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) or NVMe (NVM Express) for recent motherboards

SATA3 6gbp/s

Here is a nice card that supports all features required for top performance SSD : Syba HyperDuo 4 PCI-e 2.0 x2 SATA III ( SD-PEX40054 ).  This one roughly cost $60 USD.


Also, if you have the following errors after cloning your disk, you might want to follow this guide :

– Invalid partition table

– BSOD at boot

– Cannot find hard drive


1.  Clone your hard drive using Acronis boot cd or usb stick.  From SAS drive to SSD drive.

2. Shutdown computer.

3. Unplug SAS drive.

4. Boot on your SSD Drive .

5. When Windows is booted, make sure the following registry keys (Start menu -> Run -> Regedit.exe) are set to zero (0) (this tell Windows to load correct disk drivers at boot time) :


Start = 0


Start = 0

6. Reboot your computer into the BIOS (usually F2 key at boot).

7. Go at disk menu and set boot type to AHCI.

8. Boot your computer to Windows.

9. Install SATA Card drivers if necessary.

10. Install SSD’s software.  This one is important because it help you keep track of your SSD’s usage.


Migrating to SSD drive is always benefical, however if you plan to do so, it is better to have maximum performance as pricing of these SSD drives are higher than an average classic SATA drive or SAS.

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