Google ditching Nexus for Android Silver project

For the past years we have always seen a new Nexus device from Google. A lot of Android fans look forward to Nexus devices as they offer the best hardware and the latest Android OS in an affordable package with guaranteed future updates. This year Nexus fans might get disappointed as there are rumors about Google dropping their Nexus program.

Android Silver

The news about Google dropping Nexus came out when the famous tipster @evleaks tweeted that Google has no plans about working on a Nexus 6 device which is a sad news but don’t worry as @evleaks again tweeted by saying “Don’t worry, there’s a silver lining to this cloud…”

These tweets from @evleaks are pointing towards the Android Silver program that Google is rumored to be working on. The rumors starting appearing in April saying that Google will be working with difference smartphone manufacturers to come with high end smartphones that will not only have the best specs available in the market but will also include limited numbers of apps that won’t be by Google. Don’t worry these Android Silver smartphones will also be updated with the latest Android version from Google but instead of just one device every year there will be a couple of them but from different manufacturers.

Google is also reported to spend a lot on this new Silver project. As long as it’s not official we won’t know if this rumor is true or not or why Google is ditching their Nexus program because it’s not like Google is facing any problems with the sales of their Nexus devices. Maybe this way Google will have more phones than just one on which they will have their OS on.

This might turn out to be really good as users will have the ability to choose now and they won’t have to rely on one phone and can go with the manufacturer of their choice. We will update you guys as soon as something comes up regarding Android Silver.

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