Google announces new Chromebooks with latest Intel Processors

If you were planning to get your hands on a Chromebook then you should wait a while longer. It might be worth your wait because Intel and Google announced that they are going to introduce 20 new Chromebooks somewhere around mid of this year. These new Chromebooks willbe thinner, lighter and offer more variety in designs.

Intel recently introduced their Bay Trail-M processor chips which will be used in most of these new Chromebooks. Chromebooks are known for their affordable prices and Bay Trail-M chips will play a big part of that because they offer great performance and cost. Intel also said that with the new chips users will be able to get 11 hours of battery life on their new Chromebook laptops compared to 10 hours of battery life on Haswell powered Chromebooks.

The new Chromebooks are said to be 15 percent lighter and will come with touch screens and even a folding screen from Lenovo. Intel also demoed two of these new Chromebooks including a mini HP Chromebook and LG’s all-in-one Chromebase computer.

Just before Intel made the announcement about the new Chromebook family, Caesar Sengupta who is the VP of product management at Google, came up on the stage and made a statement that as of now the bestselling desktop has been Chromebook and the top rated 6 laptops that are sold on Amazon are also all Chromebooks so we know that our efforts have been well received.

The new chips used on these upcoming Chromebooks will also be conflict-free which means that the minerals that these chips are made with were not mined by slave regimes in the Republic of Congo. So wait a while longer and get your hands on the new Chromebooks that are soon to arrive.

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