GBA4iOS Version 2.0 Preview

UPDATE : Download GBA4iOS 2.0 now!

Playing Gameboy, Super Nintento, Sega Genesis or any other console on your iDevice without jailbreaking it was done through an application called GBA4iOS.  First version was like a beta or a test, although it was working great, it has its small bugs.  A guy by the name of Riley Testut is currently in his final stages of completing GBA4iOS version 2.0.

GBA4iOS version 2.0 will have the following features :

– Vibration on key input (it’s good to have a button press feedback on touch screens)

– Saves States (save your game progress whenever you want to)

– Cheats for all games (GameShark for iOS, Code Breaker and Game Genie

– New : Gba4iOSkins (you can now skin Gameboy’s Gamepad to your preferences)

– Support both Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color

– Status bar


Installing & download GBA4iOS version 2.0

Installing and downloading GBA4ios version 2.0 will be as easy as pie.  You will need to browse a webpage, click an install button and accept iOS warning message, just like version 1.0.


Screenshots of whats is coming

ROM listing in alphabetical order :

GBA4iOS v2 ROM Listing


GBA4iOS v2 settings page

GBA4iOS v2 Settings Page


GBA4iOSkin example screen within GBA4iOS v2 beta

GBA4iOS v2 Skins


GBA4iOS v2 now support landscape mode!

GBA4iOS v2 Landscape Mode


GBA4iOS now have in-game settings (include cheats)

GBA4iOS v2 in-game settings




GBA4iOS has been very popular to user that don’t want to jailbreak their iDevice since it allow you to play Gameboy games freely everywhere.  GBA4iOS v2.0 make a statement by making a better version of its app and allowing users to benefits of all new features.


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