Free file synchronization tool for Windows

For backup purpose or just to be always up-to-date in a network environment you need a file sync software that will do synchronization for you quickly.  The freeware we present you today is called FreeFileSync.  This freeware let you select a source directory and a destination directory for its synchronization.  You will be able to do the job automatically within a batch job through Windows’ scheduled tasks or manually by clicking the buttons.

Also note here that freeware is offered 100% freely, there are other similar paid software around that does the same job.

What do you need

– FreeFileSync ( download )

– Any Windows Version (tutorial has been written on Windows 7 Pro)


File Sync Tutorial

1. Download FreeFileSync from their official website.

2. Install FreeFileSync with default options.  Beware to not install their toolbar, freeware often monetize their products using similar methods, which is kind of annoying..

FreeFileSync Installer


FreeFileSync without toolbar

3. Next step is to run FreeFileSync from newly created icon on your desktop.

FreeFileSync Main Screen

4. Next step is to find which folder you would like to synchronize (source).  In our example we will use file synchronization as backup.  We synchronize a folder on our local disk to a second empty drive.

Folder to synchronize

5. On FreeFileSync, click on ‘Browse’ on both source and destination and select respective directories.

FreeFileSync Source and Destination Dirs

6. Next step is to click ‘Compare’ button.  This will let you know what FreeFileSync will do with your files.  As you can see on the following screenshot, freeware will replicate all files to the destination folder since it’s empty.

FreeFileSync Compare Button

7. Next step is to apply synchronization by clicking ‘Synchronize’ button.  Freeware will then execute sync task.

FreeFileSync Sync Button


FreeFileSync Files Synchronized

8. Congratulation, your files are now synchronized between source and destination directory.


Automatic Sync Feature

1. Some of you are wondering how to make that process automatic everyday or every hour or any time.. Well there is a solution!

2. Click on ‘Program’ menu item and then select ‘Save as batch job..’.  This feature will give you an executable file which you can automate using Windows’ task scheduler.

FreeFileSync Batch Job Export



Many of you are doing file copy manually, on a daily basis.  This kind of software could save you hundreds of hours in a year and also minimize risk of manual errors.


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