Fix : Menu select item stuck on screen after context

Some windows glitches are not easy to describe or understand.  Sometimes when you are seeking for help to fix an issue you are not so sure on how and where to start.  Today we will help you fix non-critical but annoying menu select item stuck on screen after context.  If you don’t know how to fix this, you might need to reboot your computer everytime it happens but with our fixes it will take a second or two.

Windows 7 Menu Item Stuck on Screen

How to fix menu item stuck on screen

A. Kill Windows Manager task to it can restart by itself.

1. From start menu, input ‘cmd’ to launch command prompt.

Command prompt from start menu

2. From command prompt, input the following command to kill Windows Manager (it will automatically restart) : tskill dwm

Command prompt tskill dwm

B. Restart Windows Manager Service

1. From start menu, input ‘services’ to launch windows services manager.

Start menu services

2. Select ‘Desktop Windows Manager Session Manager’ and then right-click and select ‘restart’.

Services Windows Manager Session Manager

Permanent fix ?

1. From windows Control Panel, select ‘system’.

Windows Control Panel System

2. Select ‘Advanced System Settings’ from left pane.

Advanced System Settings

3. Click ‘Settings’ button from Performance area.

Windows Performance Settings

4. Uncheck ‘Fade out menu items after clicking’ box and then click on ‘apply’.  This might require a reboot to take effect.

Fade out menu items after clicking


5. done.

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