Fix corrupted printer drivers

Fix corrupted printer drivers

On windows 7, when you install printer drivers, sometimes you encounter very very old ones downloaded from unofficial websites and this can cause you a lot of trouble when trying to replace them..  Today I will teach you how to get rid of them easily : corrupted printer drivers.

There is this little command which is very useful when playing with printer drivers : printui.exe

fix printer drivers printui.exe


How do I run it ?

Just open a command prompt and execute the following command : printui.exe /s /t2


What do I have to do with it ?

Well, you have to follow these exact instructions :

  • Select faulty drivers from Print Server Properties (see screenshot)
  • Click on remove button.
  • Select “Remove driver and driver package” and then click on OK button.
  • Close this Window.
  • Restart “Printer Spooler” service.
print spooler services
  • Re-install newest printer drivers.


You also can always try to reboot your computer before re-installing newest computer.

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