First look at Amazon smartphone

We have been hearing a lot about an Amazon smartphone that is expected to release this summer. Previous speculations never showed any picture or a photo of the phone until now. Today, we saw first ever image of a possible Amazon smartphone that was published on a site. Earlier rumors talked about the features of the smartphone but none of them showed how the device would look like.

Amazon Smartphone

We got tons of reports about the 3D display on the Amazon smartphone, then we heard rumors about a Prime Data plan that Amazon is working on for its first smartphone. Now the latest news in the Amazon smartphone rumor mill is about how the device will look like and to be honest, it looks pretty damn good.

Multiple resources have verified that the image posted on the site is authentic and that the image was first designed to help designers design working for Amazon in designing the Amazon device. Overall look and feel of the first Amazon smartphone resembles a lot with the rest of the full touch screen smartphone available in the market.

Looking at the image, it looks like the phone will feature a big display but not big enough that it’s difficult to use with one hand. According to the sources, the phone will feature a 4.7 inch 720p display, a quad core processor with 2GB RAM and a 6MP shooter at the back. At first, it was said that the device will be running Amazon’s own OS but now the report suggests that it will feature a highly customized Android OS version on the device. We have already seen the customization capabilities on the Android OS as Nokia did almost the same thing on its Nokia X.

Even though the picture is not a real one, but it surely does make us more excited about the prospect of the Amazon smartphone. Let’s wait and see if we get our hands on pricing and the possible arrival date of the Amazon smartphone.

image source: BGR

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