Find a lawyer online for free with Avvo

Ever had justice and law problem and wondering where to start to find the right lawyer?  Nowadays everyone find their contacts and information on the internet, newspaper are still used but internet begin to take first position.  Today we present you a very nice web application called Avvo.  Avvo let you find attorneys in your area according to your problem’s nature.  Avvo also let you ask lawyer questions or concerns you may have before hiring them for FREE!

I’d recommend you to bookmark their web page for future use, if any..


Quick review of

1. Browse to their website at the following URL :

Avvo Main Page

2. First impression is that they look professional and their website design reflect that.  Trust is an important thing when it involve lawyer.

3. When you arrive on their website, you notice 3 quick options to you :

-> Find a lawyer fast using their beautiful search system.

-> Looking for general information about laws and attorneys.

-> Ask directly a lawyer your question for free.

4. When you select to find a lawyer, you only need to input your location and which field of lawyer you need.

Find lawyer example

5. Result of the previous search :

Attorneys results in boston example

6. If you click on someone, you will get to their details and be able to contact them through message or by phone.

Attorney detail page example


Ask your own question to a lawyer for free

– You can also ask any question to a group of lawyer on Avvo and they will be back at you within 12 hours, and all that for free no string attached. Also note that all details is kept anonymous so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

Ask attorneys question for free


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