In What Fields Are Robotic Technology Gaining Momentum?

People today perceive robotics as a future technology in which there is no existence of humans. All of this will be operated with the help of a computer. Here are some of the technologies in which the robotics technology is gaining momentum:

Cloud Robotics:

This is one of the most popular and an emerging field of robotics which is primarily meant for cloud storage, cloud computing, and other Internet technologies which are all centered on the advantages of a combined infrastructure and shared services. It is a technology which has been stemmed from the growth of wireless technology and also due to the feasibility of data centers. We have also seen a sudden rise in the development in services and software frameworks which help the robots to take mechanical advantage of storage, powerful computational and also the communications infrastructure of modern data centers. Cloud Robotics has rapidly gained momentum due to the initiatives taken by companies like Willow Garage, Google and also Gostai along with a dozen active research projects all over the world.

Time-of-Flight Technology:


This is a 3D technology which is taking object revelation to new levels. With the help of this technology, it will be used to measure the time of a flight of a light signal within the camera and that of an object to gauge the object’s depth.

Calibration Wizards:

With the help of the Calibration wizards, it will allow the vision systems to report part positions in unit robots. The process is the involvement of a checkerboard pattern or a dot grid which is known as the calibration plate.

Vision-Integrated Robotics:


There are lots of manufacturers who are offering the people with an amalgamation of robots, vision hardware and software in order to provide a single-source VGR solution. One of the major advantages this robot is that of its engineering which has already been built into the system.

The Integrator’s Role:

These types of robots play an important role safeguarding the authenticity of VGR installations and that too when the application makes use of specialized markets.

Future Trends

3D Sensors with Structured-Lightning:

With a big market for consumer-oriented 3D technology, it will be able to bring down their prices and this technology will soon be seen the industrial sector. Structured-light 3D sensors like the Kinect sensor from Microsoft for the purpose of video gaming throw an intangible infrared light pattern on an object. They then make use of a 2D camera so as to distinguish the exaggeration of that light pattern and bring about a 3D depth impression of the object. It is a process which can be used for 3D mapping of multitudinous objects like that of random bin picking.

Robotics technology in the healthcare industry:

With the advancements in the robotic technology which are being in use so as to better the daily lives of patients is the Bestic Arm which will be able to help the patients with their meals. Also the Toyota’s Healthcare robots are able to help the patients to regain their ability to walk.’

These are therefore some of the best robotic technology which is gaining in momentum these days.

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