How to extract Android APK files from Apps

In this tutorial, we will be going to show you how to extract Android APK file from apps that are installed on your device. Normally when you download anything from the Google Play Store, it is installed automatically onto your device and you do not get to have the APK for that. But what if you want to install the same app to your other device or want to give it to your friend? Then you will need some method to get the APK for the required App.


Before we start, make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Better if you are using Wi-Fi since we have to download something and it might be costly if you do it over the network internet. Also sign in to your Google Play Store account if you haven’t.

    1. Open Google Play Store from your device. On the top search bar, type “APK Extractor” without the quotes. For illustration, see the image below.Android APK
    2. Now, you will see that the first search result is an Android APK Extractor app. Tap on it and you will be presented with a new screen that looks like the following. Tap on the Install button to begin installing APK Extractor onto your device.Android APK
    3. When you press the Install button, the app will ask you for some permission to be granted. Simply accept them by tapping the Accept button.APK Extractor
    4. When the installation is done, you will now see Open an Uninstall button instead of Install button.APK Extractor
    5. When you open it, you will be presented with a list of apps installed on your device. Remember that it will show you all the apps whether they are factory apps or apps installed by you.APK Extractor
    6. Scroll down till you find the desired app for which you want to extract Android APK. Here, we will be using Flappy Bird to extract its Android APK.Android APK
    7. Press on the game icon and it will show you a dialog box showing you where the Android APK file is extracted.Android APK
    8. Now the next step involves a File Manager. If you don’t have any manager, simply go to Google Play Store and type in search “Astro File Manager” without the quotes. And download the first app just like you downloaded APK Extractor using the above steps.
    9. When you have installed it, open it and go to your SD card storage. Look for the “ApkExtractor” folder and open it.Astro file manager
    10. Inside the folder, you will see the APK extracted for the Flappy Bird game that we previously did.

Astro file manager


So there you go. You can extract as many APKs as you like. If you want to share these APKs with your friends or install it on your other devices, simply plug your device to a system and go to the SD card storage and copy it from the folder to your PC. If you have installed Astro File Manager, then you can also send it to someone via email, via Bluetooth or even upload it to your dropbox account.

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