Everything You Need To Know About Android Silver

About: Android Silver is a new Android based program the rumors of which have begun to swirl for some time. There are reasons to cite are sources which say that Silver is going to be one of the biggest deals. This could be some sort of comforting news for the phone fans whereas it will be a tremendous blow to Samsung.

What is it actually? Silver can be considered to be similar to a more advanced Nexus program. Rather than on working with only one manufacturer and that too on one device, the aim of Google is to work with a conglomerate of firms on multiple devices.


Its advantages: Google wishes to help the manufacturers so that they are able to deliver a premium Android based experience. In this way the firms which are participating will get all possible help from Google with their marketing and development costs. Also their devices will get special treatment with regards to software updates.

You will be able to purchase the handsets from the Android Silver shops and also from Amazon video support service for the Silver users. However, the existing Nexus program will be discontinued.

It can translate into a wider choice of high-end Android devices at cheap and reasonable prices. Also, all such devices will be free from the unwanted apps, bloat ware, and also the over-the-top customization which is out to plague some of the firms’ handsets.

It is also necessary that the devices must closely fulfill Google’s specifications and will limit the number of non-Google apps which are liable to be pre-installed on devices. They will also ensure that the phone owners will be able to uninstall them.

In other words it also means that you’ll be able to buy handsets without speculating at the fact that you’re getting the most up to date version of Android and also as to whether the firm will bother about supplying you Android updates after a few months.

There is also a rumor which is now claiming that the program is designed not to work together with Google’s Nexus line of devices rather it will replace it altogether.


Who is taking part? The two partners are LG and Motorola who are the probable companies for the initial devices. Others can also follow.

When will it happen? We don’t know.  It has also been speculated that Silver will launch in the US, Germany, and Japan as soon as next year. There also rumors that a new Nexus 10 tablets during this summer’s Google I/O suggests that if the Nexus program is being replaced, it won’t happen imminently.

What are the changes: One of the other major changes which we can expect between the Android Silver programs is that Google has plans to provide these handsets to their customers directly through their carriers. Google also has aims of bigger ambitions with regards to consumer reach. This is also one of the major reasons as to why Google is ready to spend billions of dollars on Silver’s marketing campaign.

So, this is all about the latest information on Android Silver.

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