Emu4iOS Download Links (alternatives)

Hello everyone,

We have talked previously about running emulators on iOS without jailbreaking it. The method was simple : change your iDevice’s date 1 year back (currently from 2013 to 2012), install emulator then switch back to current date. Today we manage to get full version of all emulators available on emu4ios official website and we uploaded them to you on our mirrors.

All zip files includes the following : .plist file (which include programs setting to be directly downloaded onto your iDevice) and .IPA file which is the emulator itself.

Emu4iOS Download Links

GBA4iOS (plist and IPA file)

GearBoy (plist and IPA file)

iDos (plist and IPA file)

Nescaline (plist and IPA file)

RecordScreen (plist and IPA file)

SNES4iOS (plist and IPA file)


Tip about .plist file if you host it yourself

1. Upload .plist file on your web server.

2. Edit the following URL, to find .IPA file on your web server.

.plist file example


Since Apple’s lastest fix to deny these kind of application on non-jailbroken iDevice, Emu4iOS website was the only solution around.  Now, we are an alternative.  You can now download those files and upload them to your web server and make them available to anyone you would like, just like Emu4iOS.

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