How To E-Mail Multiple Pictures At Once In iOS 7

Numerous changes and improvements have been brought in the iOS7, and many new features have been added too. But despite that, many issues have still not been addressed. One of them is that of the sending multiple pictures at a time via e-mail.

It becomes difficult to share pictures of any event or occasion to friends and family with the new iOS7 because the maximum number of pictures you can attach in an e-mail is 5, allowed by the iOS7. And sending a bunch of 5-photo emails is nothing but a mess and hassle, especially when you have a large amount of pictures to share. But there is a workaround for that too now, the free app Kicksend.

Kicksend is available on the App store for free. All you need to do is download it and make your life easy when it comes to sharing multiple pictures through an e-mail. The following easy four step guide will help you learn using the amazing application.

Step one: Download and install Kicksend on your iDevice and then run the downloaded app. You will see the option to ‘Send and Receive Photos’ at the bottom of your screen, tap it. Now you will have to make an account to use the app, you can either sign up though your e-mail address using the app or log in via Facebook or Google Plus. Not only is the app free of cost, but the signing up is free as well.

Step two: You will receive an activation code, via text message, which will allow you to activate your account. Tap the Send button and then allow Kicksend to access the photos on your iDevice.

Step three: Now you can choose a group of photos which you want to send or even select individual photos. The application can also send multiple videos. Once you have selected the photos or videos which you want to e-mail, tap Next.

Kicksend for iOS 7 - Send multiples pictures

Step four: You will be asked for permission by Kicksend to access your contacts, allow it and then choose the recipient for the selected photos or videos. You can select one or multiple contacts here. If the recipient is not in your phone contacts, you can manually add a phone number or e-mail address as well. Once the recipient is selected, just tap Send.

Kicksend set size and quality


And that is it! Each recipient will receive an e-mail viewing thumbnails of the photos and videos which you would have sent along with a link directing them to view and/or download the sent videos and photos in full resolution. The only drawback of Kicksend is that it does not feature batch-download, as yet!

You and the recipients would also get an option to print the pictures. You can easily select the pictures which you would like to keep as a record and they will be delivered directly at your doorstep. So Kicksend allows you to send unlimited full-quality pictures, share entire albums with just a tap and can get your pictures printed too.

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