Display signal strength in numeric on your iPhone

iPhone Cell Signal

I like precision, I also like to know exactly what it is when I have ‘1 bar of signal’ on my iPhone. But what is ‘1 bar of signal’ ?  I find it not precise.   So today, we will see how to display your iPhone’s signal strength in numeric value instead of ‘bars’.


What you need ?

How to display numeric signal strength on your iPhone

1. Open your iPhone to the numeric keypad and input the following number : *3001#12345#*

Call specific number for tweak

2. Tap on ‘Call’ button.  Your device will now connect to the special tweak & information server from nearest cellular signal.

iPhone connecting to the field test


iPhone field test menu

3. Now you will notice on upper left corner, signal in numeric value.  If you leave this menu by pressing home button, you will loose this.

4. If you want to keep numeric value, hold power button until you see ‘slide to power off’ but do not slide!

5. At this screen, hold on ‘home button’ until you get back to the home screen.

6. You now have cellular signal in numeric value for higher precision.


Want to go back to ‘bars’ ?

1. Input again the magic number : *3001#12345#*

2. When you get to the ‘field test’ menu just tap on home button and you will get your ‘bars’ back.


Stay tuned, more tricks to come in the following days, weeks, months.

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