Disable Windows Defender on Windows 8

Windows Defender is a malware scanner & remover from Microsoft and is installed by default on all system.  In my opinion, I think this software poorly do the job and also can cause trouble when using along with third party anti-virus.  That is why I recommend everyone to disable it, or not if you do not have any anti-virus, anti-spyware third party software.

How to disable Windows Defender on Windows 8 ?

1. Open control panel and select ‘Windows Defender’.

Windows Defender Control Panel link

2. Select ‘settings’ tab.

Windows Defender Settings Tab

3. Click on ‘administrator’ on the left pane.

Windows Defender administrator

4. Turn off (uncheck) the following : ‘Turn on windows defender’.

5. Windows Defender is now off.

Windows Defender is disabled


It’s as simple as that.  You should notice gain of speed if you had a third party anti-virus running.

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