Disable Internet Explorer 11 saved passwords

Few weeks ago, Microsoft launched their lastest web browser : Internet Explorer 11 commonly known as IE11.  Design is more sleek and stability seems to have improved compared to competitors such as Firefox and Chrome.  One of the feature I personally don’t like is automatic saved passwords, this allow your browser to remember passwords for your email account, bank account and any other secured website within IE11.  I don’t like to know that my passwords are saved in Microsoft’s browser.  So, today we will show you how to disable Internet Explorer 11 saved passwords.

IE11 Logo

What do you need

– Internet Explorer version 11.  If you don’t have it, you can download it from here.

How to do it

1. Open Internet Explorer 11.

2. From top-right corner, click on ‘gear’ icon and select ‘Internet Options’.

IE11 Internet Options

3. Select and click on ‘content’ tab.

ie11 content tab

4. From Auto-Complete click on ‘settings’ button.

ie11 autocomplete settings button

5. A new windows will open.  Un-check following items from it and then click on ‘ok’ button.

un-check : User names and passwords on forms.

un-check : Ask me before saving passwords.

ie11 autocomplete passwords settings

6. Click on ‘general’ tab.

IE11 General Tab


7. From ‘browsing history’ click on ‘delete’ button.

ie11 browsing history delete button

8. Un-check ‘Passwords’ item and then click on ‘delete’ button.  This, will delete previously saved passwords from your system, so you will be safe from now on.

ie11 delete password history

9. You will get a confirmation on the bottom of IE11 screen saying that it has finished deleting history.

ie11 history deleting confirmation


Internet Explorer 11 is a lot more stable than earlier versions.  Although, there are similar annoying functionalities such as automatic saving passwords.  This guide is pretty easy to follow, and will allow you to use IE11 at ease without worrying about saved passwords.

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