Cydia Tweak- the new way to control your messages on your iOS phone

Since the time Cydia app has been released on apple’s iPhone, it has been continuously appraised by the users for the multiple benefits it has been offering them. Especially the Cydia tweaks have proven to change the complete style of messaging to give you the power of controlling your messages as you had wished for.

So, if you want to know more about these tweaks, here you go.



One of the most adored messaging tweak on Cydia is the BiteSMS. Though you may pay a little extra to obtain a license for this tweak, the money is totally worth it. This tweak offers plenty of awesome benefits like

  1. Speedy composition of messages and quick response to the incoming messages, that too without any interruptions in the game you are playing or the project you’re working on.
  2. Adding a lovely profile picture of your messaging contacts, to give your messages the personalized feel and to actually know whom you will be chatting with beforehand.
  3. Ability to lock your messages to maintain privacy and keep others from peeking into your messages.
  4. Amazing features like scheduling your birthday or anniversary messages to the perfect time, so that your iPhone wishes your buddies even when you’re dozing off, delaying the time of sending the message and also character count on each message for greater user experience.

Messages customizer


The most recently launched, free of charge messages customizer app works in a highly effective way to give your messages an entirely new look. You can choose from various colors such as Green, Red, Black, Orange, Pink, Light blue etc to make your SMS bubbles, iMessage bubbles and your friend’s message bubbles look attractive and colorful.

This new app also gives you a chance to enable or disable the bubble tails which acts as a pointer to the person with whom you are chatting. Thus customize your bubbles your way using this app.


Do you want to inform your family and friends that you’ll be late for the function as you’re stuck up in a traffic jam? But you’re phone is limiting the contacts to just 5. Don’t worry. The GroupSend tweak of Cydia can come to your rescue. Just key in the message once and mark all the contacts to whom you want to send the message to and you can automatically see that the app creates new entries by itself and delivers your message promptly.


If you want to gain full control over your messages and want to secure them from other people’s view, BeyondSMS is an incredible app. This Cydia app gives you an option to completely lock your messages using a specific pin code, which only you know. What else? You can even lock individual messages if it is highly confidential. Another advantage is, you can turn on your iPhone camera and enjoy the live display while you continue messaging.

So with a whole range of messaging apps from Cydia, you can make your SMS activity fun and secure at the same time.

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