Cydia – The all round app that puts you in control of your messages and security

None of us would want to lose our iPhone which is a store house of most of our pictures, messages, mails and much other secret information. But, if by hard luck your iPhone gets stolen or misplaced, you can track it down and keep the spy away from getting details from your phone using apt security systems.

With introduction of the Cydia app, controlling your messages and security has become even better. If you want to know how, here’s the answer.

Recognize me app


Does using your own face as a security code seem like a cool idea to you? If yes, the new recognize me Cydia app, works like magic. This app uses the front camera of the iPhone to scan and verify your face to gain secure entry into your phone. If you are not the one using the phone the screen will not unlock. Just in case there is an error while you try to gain access, you can even assign a password to break open the security.

iLocalis for tracking

A unique app which is available only on Cydia is iLocalis. This wonderful app helps you to track down your iPhone in case it goes missing without your notice. The tracker works even when your phone is switched off or in sleep mode, which makes its security even better. Also you can create remote backup, wipe essential data, make remote calls and activate call forwarding option using the iLocalis app to have added security.

Lock Messages app

For all those who would love to have privacy from people peeking into their messages, the lock messages app from Cydia is just fantastic. With this app, you can name your senders as Reminders, Ads or any other code that people would not regularly want to see. This can be done without changing the sender’s name in the contacts.

Also you can lock your messages to hide them from unwanted readers who will just look away, once they see dotted lines between two padlocks instead of the messages.

Blacklist unwanted contacts

If you get highly irritated by seeing messages or calls from an annoying insurance company or any other unknown person, you can blacklist such numbers using the iBlacklist app. The phone automatically ignores the blacklisted contacts to ensure that you do not receive any messages or calls from them.

So now you can have your privacy and place your phone anywhere freely, without having to get freaked out due to unwanted messages and calls.

Use iProtect


Locking your individual applications, Simcard and protecting your springboard applications was never so easy, without the iProtect. This recent Cydia app, allows you to assign passwords for all or separate applications, ensuring that a person who taps the iPhone screen enters the applications, only after keying in the code. Also your application cannot be replaced or deleted without a password, which intensifies the security levels.

So get rid of all the tension and install these amazing apps on your iPhone to experience security of the top level.

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