Customize wallpaper with system info on Windows 8 (bginfo)

Some cool tweak about Windows 8 is that some application (BGinfo for Sysinternals) let you add system informations on your desktop wallpaper. In fact this tool is working for all major Windows versions.

We will tutor you how to use this useful application with screenshots.

What do you need

– BGinfo from Sysinternals.  You can download it from here :


How do to it

1. Download BGinfo from link provided.

2. Extract file using your favourite program or Windows embedded file extractor.

Extract file on Windows 8

3. Run executable file called ‘Bginfo.exe’.

Bginfo.exe executable file

4. Accept Sysinternals terms.

Sysinternals Terms accept

5. As soon as you open BGinfo, it will set by default information on your current wallpaper.  If you wish to change anything simply input text in editor and click on ‘Apply’ it’ll change in a second.

BGinfo default options

6. Here is an example of BGinfo set wallpaper :

BGinfo wallpaper example

7. As you can see, you can edit and style your own background information wallpaper.  It’s as easy as styling some text in Microsoft Word.

BGinfo change text colour

8. Another cool option, is that you can set it on various areas.  You only need to click on the following button : ‘Desktops’.

BGinfo Desktop Button info


While there are other programs that could do the same, Sysinternals are a proved solution.  They are a trusted Microsoft third party software developer. I would chose them over numerous company.  Feel free to submit your ideas or BGinfo wallpaper design.

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