Creating a new partition in Windows without formatting

With the advancement in technology, new operating systems provide more functionality than its previous versions, same is happening with windows. Recent version of windows 7 and even windows vista and 8 provides flexibility to create, expand or decrease an existing partition in in hard drive in windows without formatting these partitions. In this tutorial I am going to teach you how you can create a new partition in windows 7 ultimate.


Before creating a new partition your disk needs to have some free space available on it, in order to do that you need to shrink an existing drive on your system. To do that go through these following steps:

  • Open the computer management window, for that, right click on you’re my Computer icon and navigate to the ‘Manage’ option. After that computer management window will appear.


  • In the left panel of computer management window that appears, navigate to the storage and then “disk management”.


  • After this you can see all your drives enlisted in the right panel of the computer management window. Navigate to the drive you want to partition and then right click on it and choose “Shrink Volume…”


  • After doing this a new dialog box will appear in which the present size of the drive is already mentioned, enter the amount of space you want to shrink in MBs in the provided box.


NOTE: The space you provide must be less than or equal to the available shrink space.

  • After entering the value click on the Shrink button and wait for the process to complete, it may take time according to the speed of your system and the space you provided to shrink.


Once the shrinking process is completed you will see an un-allocated space in the list of your drives. Now, you can use this space to create a new partition. In order to that go through the following steps:

  • Right click on the un-allocated space and select “New Simple Volume”, after that New Simple Volume Wizard will appear.


  • In the wizard, enter the required values, enter the required values and choose next.
  • In the last, choose Format this volume and make sure that the file system is set to be NTFS, give name to your drive and click finish.


Once, the process is completed, new drive will be created in your system, just close the Computer management window and then navigate to My Computer to check your newly created drive.

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