Creating a lyrical video in windows movie maker

Creating lyrical videos for your friends is a great way to be creative. You can create a lyrical video and upload it to YouTube  or any other video sharing website. Windows movie maker is a great tool to start with for beginners. In this tutorial I am going to guide you through a process of creating a lyrical video to impress your friends and even your girl ;)


If you already have a windows movie maker with you just ignore this step and follow from next steps. Windows movie maker is completely free to download and use. You can download it from here:


NOTE: This may be a latest version of windows movie maker so there may be some difference in the interface of the tool.



While creating a lyrical video, the very first task is to add a background to the video on which you can write your lyrics or captions. In order to add images to your video just follow these simple steps:

  • In the home tab of your tool, select “Add videos and photos” menu, then browse through your system to select the file you want to upload. Choose that file and select open, your file will be added to the preview window.

Add photo


Once you have uploaded the image to your project, the next task is to add the time duration for that particular background to be displayed. In case you want a single background for your whole video, you can prefer to set time duration equal to the length of video. To add the time duration:

  • In the right panel click on the background image you want to set the duration for and then in the video tools tab at the top bar, set the duration in the duration text box. You can set different number of duration for every image in case you have uploaded more than one image.



The video title is one which you add at staring of your video to tell your viewers what your video is all about. You can also add title to your video using the following simple steps:

  • Scroll at the starting of your video and choose “Title” from the “Home” tab, after that, the text box will appear in the preview window of your project, just add the appropriate title and set the desired duration for which you want the title to be displayed.
  • You can also add professional transitions to your title, for that choose the desired “Effect” from the Home tab and add a professional touch to your video.



Adding background sounds are also one of the important feature to add while creating videos. With movie maker you can add  sound to your video by following this step:

  • In the Home tab choose “Add Music” and select “Add Music” to upload music from your computer. Choose “Add Music to Current Position” in case you want to add music in between your video.



The last task in creating video is to add lyrics or subtitle to the video. This feature is used to create lyrical videos by various musicians. To do that go through the following steps:

  • Scroll the required location where you want to add caption, then from the Home tab choose ‘Caption’ from the Home tab.
  • As soon you choose caption, a textbox will appear in the preview of your video, add your caption to it and set the duration for that particular caption from the ribbon at the top.


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