How to create a photo watermark using Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will be going to show you how to add photo watermark using Photoshop. Adding a photo watermark to any image assures the credibility of the source from which the image or the photo was actually taken from. This way, people cannot use your image as they own it and will have the photo watermark on it. There are a lot of online tools available that automatically add watermark to your images but they are not good if you want added functionality. That’s why we will be going to use Photoshop CS5 to add photo watermark.

Things you need

  • Any Adobe Photoshop version (preferably CS5)
  • Original image to which you want to add photo watermark
  • Photo watermark image or logo that you will add as a photo watermark to your Original image


Before proceeding, there are few things you need to know. We will be going to use .PNG file of our site’s logo as a photo watermark and will add it to one of the images that we will use on our site. We will be using the term Original Image for the image on which photo watermark will be added and Watermark image for the logo that will be used as photo watermark

  1. Right click on the Original Image and open it in Photoshop. Similarly, Right click on the Watermark image to open it into Adobe Photoshop as well. When it is opened, look on the right side of the window under label LAYERS. You will see something similar to the one shown below.Photoshop
  2. Now, you need to convert this Background to Layer. Double click on the word Background and it will open a new dialog box like the following. Add your name to the New layer
  3. Now what you have to do is to click on the logo, hold it and drag it to the Original Image tab opened in Adobe Photoshop. Demonstration belowwatermark image
  4. When you reach the tab of Original Image, it will show you the Original Image window and you can place the logo anywhere you want.original image
  5. Once you have placed the logo, it will create a new Layer 1 on the right hand side window under watermark
  6. Now when you double click on Layer 1, it will show you a new window of Layer Style. You can now edit the logo as you want.watermark image
  7. We have added the first two effects and the new logo looks like the following.effects
  8. Now on the right hand side, look for the Opacity attribute of the Layer 1. Remember, you have to select Layer 1 if it is unselected. Move the bar according to your liking. We have set the Opacity to 40%.logo
  9. Now if you want edit the Watermark Image like stretch it or move it someplace else, go to Edit menu and select Free Transform. You will see a rectangular border around the Watermark Image. Simply stretch it by holding the mouse pointer.

So there you go. The finalized image that we created is the one shown below. We stretched the Watermark Image and finished watermark

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