Create a custom boot animation in Android

Have you ever noticed an attractive animation on your friend’s Android device or on web while booting? This is not a hard task to make your own or set your own animation as your Android Device’s boot animation. In this tutorial we are going to teach you two ways to use your own custom animation on your Android device.

Before start with you need to have following things with you:

A. Using Android File Manager

This is the manual process to creating a custom animation in android device. To create the custom animations with this method just go through the following steps:

Download the custom animation and save it in your sd card with name

 Open the root browser or File Manager and navigate to /system/media/. Here you’ll get your original file.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (2)

Now rename this file to something else let say bootnaimation.zip1 by long press on it.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (3)

Now copy your custom animation file to this folder i.e. /system/media and long press on it to set permissions. Mark the boxes as shown in the screenshot below.

NOTE: Keep the file name as so that your system will recognize it properly.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (5) custom-bootanimation-techsultan (4)

In case you want to switch back to your default animation just delete your custom file and rename the original file back to


Now just reboot your device and you will see your custom boot animation.

B. Using the boot animation app

You can download the boot animation app here. This is an automated process. To use this method, go through the following steps:


Open the app and backup your current animation. Choose backup/restore option from the menu that appears.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (6)


Locate your custom boot animation file with the name and tap on it to choose install.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (7)


After the installation is completed, reboot your device to see the custom boot animation.

custom-bootanimation-techsultan (1)



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