Create complete backup of Android Device without root

Sometime, a backup of a Smartphone or a Tablet isn’t enough when taken on a Google Drive or using a app called Titanium Backup. If you have a number of Android devices that need to be quickly deployed or redeployed you need some more power. If you want to take out the complete backup of your android device you must use Android Software Development Kit (SDK). Let’s explore the steps for this process.


Necessary Tools:

Before moving further you need to have following tools installed on your system:

  • Java Development Kit
  • Android Studio (With SDK)

A. Making Your Device Ready

After installing these tools on your system, you need to make your device ready to connect to the SDK you can do it by using USB Debugging. To enable this in your device:

Connect your device to the system.

Navigate to Settings > Developer Options

Toggle the USB Debugging option.


In case you are not able to locate the USB Debugging option in your device you have make it visible using the following procedure:

Navigate to Settings > About Phone.

Now locate the Build Number and Tap it continuously until you see a message popping up “Congrats! You are now a developer”.

After that you’ll be able to see the developer option in your device.

B. Install USB Drivers

Open the android Studio in your system and in the main window click Configure. Then click on Android SDK Manager in the window that appears. Now navigate to the Google USB driver and make sure it is checked and then proceed to install it. The installation will take some time depending on your network.


C. Creating the Backup

At the top of your SDK Manager, you will see the path of your SDK. Open the system explorer and navigate to that path. Now hold down the shift key and right click on the platform-tools folder and choose “Open Command Window Here”.

The command prompt window will appear. In the command prompt window type the following command to take the backup of your device.

adb backup -apk -shared -all -f <path to create backup>


Now a new screen will appear on your device, if you want to secure your data, type in the password or tap Backup My Data.  Your backup will be created in the location you provided in the command. The process may take time depending on the amount of data on your device.

D. Restoring the Backup

In order to restore your backup just type in the following  command in the same command prompt:

adb restore <backup file path> 

If you have any problems using this please comment below.

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