Create a colorful status bar in Android

Do you want your android’s status bar change color according to the app you are using? Fortunately, you can do it at your own. One of the most famous OS i.e. iOS 7 has already this feature in it. In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of creating a custom status bar on your device. You can also distinguish your status bar using gradient. In case you are using software buttons you can also change the color of navigation bar usually located the bottom of your screen.

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So before moving further you need to have following with you.

  • Root access on your device
  • Xposed framework installed.

If you want to know more about Xposed Framework, you can read it here  –

Xposed Framework – Completely new way to customize your Android.

A. Installing the Tinted Status Bar module.

Open the Xposed Framework and navigate to the Settings. As this module is still in beta, you need to tell the framework to display beta modules as well . Tap on Versions to be shown  and choose Beta.

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Now navigate to the download tab and search for Tinted Status Bar. After getting it swap it right to get the versions tab and install the latest version.

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Once installed, make it sure that it is activated under module section and then reboot your device.

B. Changing the color

Once you have Tinted Status Bar module installed, you can access it from your app drawer like regular apps and can use it.

Some apps will have defined color and change the color automatically but some apps do not.

To adjust them manually, locate you app under the Per App Tints, and choose “All activities, below settings override this”.

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Also, you can choose status bar and navigation bar colors here. In case you are using a soft navigation buttons. You can then tap on the color you want to choose.

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If some of your apps get black text in the status bar when you want white text, change the “Max HS[V] for black icons” value to a higher setting, and that should take care of it.


If you want to have certain parts of an app display a different color than other parts, use the “Toast activity titles” button to display toast notifications of each activity as it starts. You can than go into each app and set custom colors based on the activity within the app.

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