Create a System Restore Image in Windows 8 – GUIDE

Windows 8 comes bundled with their own System Restore Image tool which allow you to create a backup of current state of your computer system.  If you just finished installing and configuring your new computer, it’s the right time to do it.  This allow you to go back in time later if you installed some malware or messed with your system/device drivers.  This also allow you to restore lost files.

The following guide on how to create a System Restore is done on Windows 8 64-bit version.

More information about file naming on Windows 8 System Restore :

Knowing how Microsoft name its folder will help you archive those files on other medias such as DVDs or Tape Drives.

X:\WindowsImageBackup\PC-NAME\Backup YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS

Bold characters means that Windows will change those for your system’s information, for example :

X : is your hard drive letter.

PC-NAME : is your computer name.

YYYY : is year date (example : 2013)

MM : is month (example : 02)


How to take a System Restore Image on Windows 8

1. From Control Panel, click on ‘Windows 7 File Recovery’.  Note here that even if you are on Windows 8, it’s called by its earlier version.

Windows 8 Windows 7 file recovery item

2. Second step is to click on ‘create a system image’.  This option will create on the fly a full system restore image from your current computer state.

Create a system restore image

3. Make sure you have a second or external hard drive here.  Next step is to select destination of that system restore image on hard disk or external medias such as DVDs.

System Restore Image Destination

4. Next screen is a summary of what is to be done in system image.  Click on ‘start backup’.

System Restore Screen Confirmation

5. Windows is now taking System Restore Image.  Sit back and relax, this step may take a while..

System Restore Image is in progress

6. When Windows is finished, it ask you to create a boot system restore disc.  You can do it if you want, this is always useful.

System Restore Boot Disc

7. Congratulation, Windows has now finished creating System Restore Image of current state of your computer.

System Restore Image Success


Since it’s 100% free and embedded with all Microsoft’s Windows systems, I recommend doing it to everyone on every system.  Doing so will save you a lot of time and recover important data if a failure occur.



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