How to configure gmail with Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook has been around for quite some time now and we can say that it is the most used mail software around.  Microsoft’s latest mail product is Outlook 2013 which comes either in cloud or desktop version.  Today we will learn how to configure email address within Outlook 2013 desktop version.  Simply follow these simples step-by-step and you will be able to read your emails on your desktop without an internet browser.

How to configure gmail with Outlook 2013

Activating IMAP settings within

1. Log in to your gmail account at

2. Click on ‘gear’ icon on top right corner and select ‘settings’.

Gmail Settings Options

3.  Select ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab from the top menu.

4.  Select ‘Enable IMAP’ and ‘Auto-Expunge ON’ and then click ‘Save changes’.

Gmail Enable IMAP

5. You are now done setting on gmail side.  Now open Outlook 2013 and set your account from there.

Outlook 2013 icon

6. Follow next simple steps to configure your account.

Welcome to outlook 2013

7. IMPORTANT : Select ‘manual setup or additional server types’.  This option will allow you to configure gmail type addresses.

Manual setup Outlook 2013

8. On the next screen, select ‘POP or IMAP’ as type and click ‘next’.

Pop Imap Account Type Outlook 2013

9. Next step is important.  Please input carefully server information :

Email Address :

Account Type : IMAP

Incoming mail server :

Outgoing mail server :

User Name : (same as email address)

Password : Your_own_password (the one you type on website)

After that, do not click ‘next’ yet.  You have to configure additional settings see next step.

Outlook 2013 gmail account settings

10. Click on ‘more settings’.

11. Select ‘Outgoing server’ tab and check ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’.  Make sure that radio box ‘Use the same settings as my incoming mail server’ is also selected.

Outlook 2013 gmail outgoing server settings

12. Select ‘Advanced’ tab.

13. Configure the following options :

Incoming server (IMAP) : 993

Use the following type of encrypted connection : SSL

Outgoing server (SMTP) : 587

Use the following type of encrypted connection : TLS

Outlook 2013 gmail advanced settings

14. Click ‘Ok’ and then ‘Next’ on screen.  Outlook will now test your settings and verify them, it should connect successfully to servers.

Account connection test Outlook 2013 gmail

15. account is now configured with Outlook 2013.

With this guide you can now read your email from Outlook 2013 client.

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