Bring back Start Menu on Windows 8

Windows 8 is out. You tried it but are wondering how to bring back start menu on Windows 8 ? There are few solutions :  You can either install a third party program or do the tweak yourself.  We will present you here both solutions, paid and free ones.

Third party applications to bring back Start Menu on Windows 8


  • Pokki
pokki win8 start menu

  • Start Button 8
startbutton8 win8 start menu

  • Spesoft Free Windows 8 Start Menu
spesoft windows8 start menu

  • IOBit StartMenu8 for Windows 8
iobit start menu win8

  • Power8
power8 win8 start menu

  • Start is back!  – Win8 Start Menu
startisback win8 start menu

  • Viva Start Menu
vivastartmenu win8


  •  Start8 Windows 8 Start menu ( price : $4.99 )
start8 windows8 start menu


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