A brief description for your unanswered Cydia questions

Cydia has become a reason for quite many people’s smiles as it a huge treasure house of unlimited apps which allows its users to multiply their joy of using an iPhone. But for some of you this app might be very new and unexplored, due to which you might have failed to understand its usage effectively.

So, if you’re one among the confused lot, here are the simple answers on Cydia.

How is Cydia helpful?

Apple iPhone usually restricts its users from downloading a few applications which are viewed as a competition. But a jailbroken phone can overcome these restrictions and help the users to modify their iPhone as per their requirements.

Thus, Cydia is one of those jailbroken apps which contains repositories of custom iOS mods, which helps you in customizing your phone the way you wish to either by installing free apps or paying a small price for the app. This app gives you access to advanced applications meant for your convenience.

Is downloading Cydia easy?

To download Cydia you have to first jailbreak your iPhone, which in simple terms means changing the operating system on your iPhone.

Jailbreaking removes the official Apple restrictions and gives you ultimate control on your iPhone.

Once your device is jailbroken, you can install the Cydia app either through Installer.app or AppTap software and continue to enjoy the benefits.

What kind of modifications will Cydia apps allow you to do on your iPhone?


  • With the help of Cydia you can have total power of your iPhone and make a few modifications to suit your needs.
  • Change the entire look of your iPhone by downloading different themes through Cydia Tweaks.
  • Make changes to your lockscreen, tool bar, springboard items etc
  • Secure your messages, calls and applications to the maximum extent
  • Create your own ringtones and get rid of Apple’s original tone
  • Connect you iPhone to your TV and experience awesome video watching experience
  • Install emulators to get high end games
  • Enjoy the benefit of Wi-Fi sync
  • Edit and enhance your photographs as and when they are captured 

Are the apps safe and what do they cost?


Cydia apps may not be 100% safe as they are all jailbroken and there are chances of even downloading malware apps if the user is an amateur. So before you install any app, read all the details and descriptions regarding the particular app on the internet and only then proceed to install the trusted apps.

A few repositories like BigBoss and ModMyi are safe for downloading apps and are even compatible with your iPhones.

When it comes to cost, few of the Cydia apps are free to be installed while for others, you might have to shed anywhere from $0.99 to $20 USD, for a good user experience.

What navigation options are available on Cydia’s interface?

Prominently five tabs namely Home, Sections, Changes, Manage and Search can be found once you install Cydia and want to move ahead in its interface.

These navigations help you to upgrade, customize, categorize, add or remove other essential apps according to your searches.

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