How to block unwanted numbers on your smart device

No one like cell phone spam, especially disturbing telemarketing calls and texts while you are quite busy. Tough you can activate Do Not Disturb (DND) on your number, but that doesn’t stop this spam completely. If you are getting very frustrated, then you can use the following methods and apps to help cut down on spam. Let’s explore these methods one by one.

For Android Users

If you have just got Android KitKat 4.4 or higher on your device then you must have some built in features to help you identify incoming calls. Caller ID by Google is also a helpful app that list and display call details on your screen. However this app is dependent on the list of companies in Google’s Business Directory.

If you’re getting disturbed again and again by the same number, you can block it from the call log as well. Select the number you want to block, simply hit the menu and choose “Add to reject list.” You can manage this list by navigating to Settings >> Call >> Call Reject >> Auto Reject List.

For earlier versions of Android this option is Manufacturer Dependent. Some Manufacturer’s used to provide this feature and some did not. You can access this by long taping the required number.


If your device doesn’t have any of these option or running on earlier mobile versions then you can use the following apps –

  • Mr. Number

This App let you block numbers as well as text or specific area by its code and also it has an option to automatically block private or unknown numbers. It also allow users to report spam and you can also access what others have to say about that number.


  • True Caller

The Mr. Number focuses only on number blocks, the TrueCaller focuses on who is trying to contact you. It provides caller ID and reverse lookup data for incoming calls and texts and it also lets you block spam. TrueCaller will ask to add your list of contacts to its database, but this is purely optional. You will have to verify your number with TrueCaller before being able to use the service.


For iPhone users

iOS 8 has built in option for blocking numbers. Go to the Contact App and tap on the number you want to reject or find the number from recent calls tab. Tap the “i” icon to the right of the number. This will take you to the contact page for that caller. Scroll down and choose “Block This Caller”. But for identifying incoming calls you can use the same above mentioned “True Caller”.


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