The big 5 countdown of the most famous Cydia tweaks of 2014

Everyone has become quite acquainted with the Cydia tweaks which have been continuously modified and launched each time by various amazing developers. These tweaks are highly compatible with your iPhone and make your device your best buddy due to the comfortable features they offer.

So, let’s quickly take a look at some new arrivals in our big 5 countdown of Cydia tweaks in the year 2014.


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Are you bored of following the same pattern of locking your iPhone and want to try out a twisted pattern. Then, Jellylock7 is the ideal app for you. Inspired by the android model of locking the screen, Jellylock7 displays a stylish way of screen lock which varies depending on the number of apps you would like to have on your main screen. The layout of your iPhone changes automatically as per your lock changes and you can even skip a pass code for enabled apps.



It is a regular occurrence to see people hurriedly finding a pen and a paper to scribble the information of an important contact to who they are speaking over the phone. This hassle is understood by Cydia and an app called CallShare is launched to allow you to note down important details such as name, event, address or any other reminder you would want to set to a particular number, while you’re still on call. This feature helps you save contact more than misplacing them.

Rocket Launcher

Do you love listening to music but get bugged to go to the album option each time? Then install Rocket Launcher, a convenient app which takes you to your most used apps in rocket speed. Almost 7 app icons can be stored on this launcher, which can be activated by just tapping on the screen. It also shows you a preview of the recently added apps to make your choice easier.


One among the amazing new apps which were released in 2014 is the Polus app. This app is awesome in terms of customizing your quick launch shortcut action, wherein you can change the size, shape and even the number of shortcuts you want to utilize on the quick launch center. Using Polus you can hold the twitter icon to create a new tweet sheet or add any app from the 300 variants on your quick launcher.


If you want a few important options such as meeting mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services to be visible on your status bar, TouchBar is the app you need to install. You can use tap action to activate the toggles or deactivate them when you do not want to use them anymore. The appearance of these toggles can be customized according to your preference and are quite easy to manage with.

These awesome apps are created to make your wonderful iPhone even more users friendly and adaptable to your lifestyle. So take advantage of these features and enjoy the all new iPhone experience.

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