Best and Top Cydia Repository

We, at TechSultan are proud to launch a new area of our website : Cydia.  We will post in the future article about jailbroken devices and Cydia.

Today our article will be about best and top Cydia repository. First of all, what is a repo ?  A repo is in fact a custom storage location of software packages, in this case, jailbroken iOS apps.  We made and grouped a small list of the best ones around for you.

Best and Top Cydia Repo March 2014

1. BiteYourApple


Description : From Addons to Multimedia apps, BiteYourApple repo group all kind of apps, mods and hacks you would like to install on your iDevice. It also includes the following : Cydgets, BYA Tweaks, LockInfo Addons, SBSettings Addons, Themes (App, Addons, Battery, ColorKeyboard, Dialer, LockScreen, NotificationCenter, Siri, Sounds, SpringBoard, System, Weather) and utilities.

Address :


2. iPhoneCake


Description : iPhoneCake is simply the best source of free apps around.  It is there for years and have multiple mirrors for each download available.  Find any games of applications on iPhoneCake, note it also work for iPads.

Address :


3. iSpazio

iSpazio Repo

Description : iSpazio is an Italian repository.  Don’t be afraid by this foreign language as it regroup one of the best content around.  You can also easily translate everything there and almost all apps are english.  Again, iSpazio has all hacks, games and mods for your iDevice.

Address :


4. ModMyI


Description : ModMyI is focused on iDevice modification or hacks.  If you would like to install custom template or edit icons it is the right place to start.  ModMyI regroup almost everything about mods on iDevice available.

Address :


5. SiNfuL

SiNfuL Repository

Description : SiNfuL repository has been notoriously known as the best free Cydia paid apps around.  Find all apps or games for Cydia for free.  Please use this repository at your own risks as some packages has been compromised with malwares.

Address :


6. xSellize


Description : xSellize is an unknown but very nice repo for Cydia.  You can find anything from Apps, Fonts, Games, Graphics icons and templates, Mods, Ring Tones, Vip and Window styles. Everything is well organized within this repository, we highly vouch for it.

Address :



Installing custom repository on your jailbroken iDevice seems to be easy and quick but always remember that these custom repo aren’t verified for viruses or malwares.  Always use this at your own risks.

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