The Best Tips And Tricks For Your Samsung Galaxy S5

So you just got yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. With the wrapper still intact isn’t it pristine and shiny? If you’re new to Android then you must be aware that the Galaxy S5 has some remarkable features which you can put to good use for yourself. Here are some of the tips and tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S5 which you should know:

  • Blocking mode: So, you are worried about your drunk friend who always wakes you up at 2 in the morning. Now you can go to sleep in peace as you will never be troubled by him again after you have set up this feature. Simply open the “Blocking Mode under Personalization” mode which can be found in the main system settings. And presto you are ready to decide as to what kinds of bulletins you want to block: alarms, calls, or all of the bulletins. In this way you will never be bothered during resting time unless and until you get a call from a favorite contact.


  • Toolbox: Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 has a toolbox which makes a lot of sense. However, it is not easily prominent as it has been tucked away in the settings menu. It is a sort of a floating icon that will be able to open a Pandora of customizable app shortcuts. It will be possible for you to toggle it on and off with the button which you can easily find in the expanded notification in the notifications drawer. It will also be possible for you to configure those applications which are listed in the main system settings for the Toolbox under the Sound and Display.
  • High screen sensitivity: Wrapped up somewhere in the setting of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is a preference which will make its owners who live in the colder climates very happy during the winter months. With the help of this mode you will be able to use the phone with your regular gloves on rather than with the special touch screen gloves. You will also be able to locate this feature tucked away in the Display sub-menu.
  • Camera: When we speak of the Camera app, Samsung has managed to build a new camera feature for the Galaxy S5 along with a Virtual Tour, a panoramic-like photo mode which will allow you to take pictures as if you were giving a virtual tour. In this way you will be able to apply many different types of effects to your pictures after taking them.


  • Screen indicator swipe: With usage, your list of widgets and apps grows; it may be that you may end up with a lot of pages in the app drawer and on the home screen. Continuous swiping to get through all of it will give your fingers a strain. Now with the help of TouchWiz you will simply have to tap the indicator dots which are located on the bottom of the app drawer and the home screen then you will simply have to drag it left or right to zip through pages in a flash.

So, these are some of the best tips and tricks of your new Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

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