Best frameworks for PHP Developers

PHP Frameworks For PHP Devlopers

In this era PHP has vital role for developing the web pages, it poses as a great platform for developers to showcase their work and earn good reputation amongst fellow developers. As we see lots of Websites in daily life that all are based on PHP. For web developer PHP framework is very essential part to lower down the burden of excessive work load.


The programming language about which we are talking here has developed and evolved over long time and has become a pinnacle in the world of global marketing and web developing with large collection of coded libraries as its repositories. A few of the PHP frameworks have been discuss in this article upon some extensive and tedious research. Let’s explore them.


  1. Silex

It is basically used for designing single file apps and offers a wonderful GUI and a PHP micro framework.


  1. Agavi

Its vector form of PHP framework as it has scalable and powerful PHP5 framework and also abide by the MVC model. Once you write the code, the output can be viewed side by side.


  1. Nette

It is one of the most secure frameworks and is considered as valued due to its debugging tools.


  1. Flow

This framework provides a great working platform as it makes the experience of programming efficient and amazing. Its quite fast and reliable.


  1. Pop PHP

It’s the simplest framework that offers strong and efficient work environment and it supports PHP 5.3+. Regardless of its light weight, it still has a remarkable set of functions.


  1. PHPpixie

Again a light weight but very quick application and can serve as a base for developing lots of websites.


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