Best code editors for real time collaboration

Though there are lots of editors available but for real time collaboration and working as a team requires extra. In this article I am going to reveal some best editors for real time collaboration. So let’s explore the list one by one.

  1. Codebunk

It’s the very effective Editor in which it runs 18 languages. It has the smart features for coloring, syntax and designing. This IDE compiles and runs many languages likewise in Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, Erlang, Haskell, Clojure, Go, Haskell, Julia, PHP, Perl, R, Rust, Scala, Coffee script. Codebunk is friendly Editor it deals for Learning to code and Online Intervewing of Developers.


  1. Cloud 9

It’s a simple cloud base editor. To use this editor you have to register your account in order to use it and also have to pay some bucks to unlock its new premium features

In cloud 9 we can use different modes like Submine ,VIM and Emacs.


  1. Codeanywhere

This IDE is an alliance platform for developers. It is helpful to sharing the files and folders or entire development environments. It supports all famous languages (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML 5).It has an integrated ftp client.


  1. Kobra

Kobra is an online IDE editor that follows to collaborate with team wisely and efficiently. Once the connection of Devlopment Enviromnment is applied we can see the changes in the files as your team members, it also have a feature to interact with team members through voice chat, video and text chat. Multiple users can access one file at a time. Kobra is 128-bit encryption with a fully browser based editor, we can use it safely anywhere.


  1. Nitrous

It will peers to alliance with your codes on the cloud through their web IDE, in which preferred desktop editor likewise Sublime Text, Text mate. Nitrous have cloud hosted environment in which it will maintain the machine.


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