Best Action Games of 2015 : Android

Are you a Game Lover and loves to play new games on your Android Device? Then you are at right place now. In this article I am going to enlist some of the top best Android Games you must be playing in this year 2015. We’ve just filtered out the best Android games from the bunch so let’s explore the list.

Brothers in Arms

Gameloft actually knows how to develop games for android users. With games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 and NOVA 3 Gameloft guarantees high-performance, high production and free-to-play price structure. Brothers in Arms 3 might represent the best action game Gameloft released till date. A realistic third-person shooter adventure game which allows you to guide your character, Sergant Wright, through a series of WWII settings, upgrading his weapons and abilities. The games features, lightings, graphics, textures and sound provides an awesome gaming experience.


The walking dead

The Walking Dead: I and The Walking Dead: II are having a different type of action experience. What they like in high-octane thrills they more than make up for with strong story and These disturbingly awesome point-and-click adventure games will keep you freaked out and entertained at the same time. Did we mention zombies?


The world ends with you

Originally released at Nintendo DS in 2007, The World Ends With You comes to Android 7 years later in June 2014. Why was it brought out of the realms of relative obscurity and placed on the Play Store? Because it is fantastic.

Developed by Square Enix this side-scrolling action game has elements of RPGs, rhythm games, card games and more. It introduced a unique gameplay feature involving collectible pins in which wearing a certain pin in a certain district (the game is set in Tokyo) will give your character a certain buff, in accordance with the fashion in that area. It is an amazing  game with an art style that still holds up after seven years; let’s just hope the entry price (17.99 $) doesn’t turn people off.


Galaxy on Fire 2

Are you ready to blast off for an action-packed adventure in an unfamiliar galaxy populated by dangerous aliens and pirates? The satisfying story and spaceship customization will not disappoint. The experience is absolutely free but in app purchases may disappoint you a little.


Shadow Fight 2

Are you having a secret desire to be a ninja? Then step out of the shadows and beat your opponents to a pulp in this stylish, beautifully animated, fighting game. Grinding RPG elements detract slightly, but it’s a fun time. The game is awarded as the top best games of 2015 as well.



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