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Moto 360 looks promising in its first demo at the Google I/O event

The Moto 360 is one of the most anticipated smart watch this year because of its

LG announces Quick Circle case for LG G3

As LG is just a few days away from unveiling their next-gen smartphone the company has

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets

Microsoft just announced their next generation tablet the Surface Pro 3 and not only has it

Samsung planning on expanding biometric sensors on its mobile devices

Samsung is planning to expand their biometric system used in smartphones. It will not just include

Apple hires Nokia Lumia camera lead engineer

There are a lot of rumors on the internet about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and

Google announces new Chromebooks with latest Intel Processors

If you were planning to get your hands on a Chromebook then you should wait a

Google ditching Nexus for Android Silver project

For the past years we have always seen a new Nexus device from Google. A lot

ANTVR KIT: All-IN-ONE Universal Virtual Reality Kit Kickstarter campaign launched

We all like playing games don’t we and to improve our gaming experience companies have been

Motorola Moto E goes official with $129 price tag

Today Motorola launched yet another model of their affordable smartphones known as Moto E. Moto E

Oculus VR test helps soldiers see through armoured vehicles

If you think the only benefits that you can get from Oculus VR is through gaming