Art of using google

All of us use Internet or the World Wide Web to access various knowledgebase. In order to that we usually prefer search engines. Google is the king among them and it is the world’s top website. We generally use Google to search for the content available in the various websites. But you have often noticed that there are lots of un-relevant results too available in the Google. These results do nothing other than wasting your precious time. In this tutorial we will guide you the process of using Google in a very effective manner so that you can get even more out of it. So let’s explore these tips.

Google Operators

Google operators are similar to those used in programming languages. They are used to refine the result on the web. These operators are generally classified into two categories:

Basic Operators

Advanced Operators

Let’s discuss important of these operators one by one:

Quotes (“”) – Using quotes around the search term will refine your result. Then you will be displayed only those pages which contains the exact phrase in them.

For example – “Red and Green”

redgreen1-techsultan redgreen-techsultan

(.) Single character wild card – This will return the result replacing with possible combinations in a word. For example – M.trix returns the results of Matrix, M@trix, Metrix ………


Site-This will find webpage only on a specified domain.


Filetype –This is the most widely used Google operator. This will results in only the specified document type links that can be directly downloaded.

For example- computer filetype:pdf


Intitle – This operator will find the search term within the title of the webpage only.

For example -intitle:about techsultan


Inurl-Used to find the search term in a web url.

For example- allinurl:cgi-bin password


Intext– Find the search term in the text body of a document.

For example– Intext:administrator login



Cache:-Sometimes, even the site has already been updated, the old information might be found in cache. This operator can be used to find the old version of a website.

For example–


Define:-This operator can be used to get the definition of a word generated from various web resources.

Forexample– Define:Computer







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