Applications to root your phone

What is root?

Rooting is a process by which you can enable  superuser permission of your phones’ operating system. On rooted phones you can control every functionality on your phone. You can easily backup your phone data. You can flash your phones with different custom ROMs.

Android OS is being used by different mobile companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, HTC and some others. To root your mobile phone you have to perform some very difficult steps. Any miss information and wrong steps for the rooting process can easily bricks your device. Root a device is a very risky job. There are lots of tutorials available on internet to root a device. So, may be you had ever wished that there should be a software to root a mobile device. Just click the button and simply your phone will be a rooted phone. So in this article I’m going to share some root software and application that will root your device in a second, no need to read different tutorials form different tech forums. Now no need to take a risk.

Below are the some applications and software are available to root your phone :

One Click Root:

Site :

One Click Root Android

This software is easily installed on your desktop PC, It lets you to root your android smartphone in a very easy way. Nowadays it is very useful to root your device. It is 100 % safe and it supports most of the android smartphones. You can download it by their own website


Site :

KingoApp Android Root

Kingoapp is another very popular software through which you can root you’re your device whether it is a tablet phone or smartphone. Now just download and install the software. Faster rooting process , no need to go through from various rooting forums, just connect your device and click the button and enable your superuser permission. The unroot option is also available. Enjoy flashing different custom ROMs and many more.  Download form


Site :

SRSRoot Android

SRSRoot is also a root software , Another easy way to root your device. Very simple and clear , just download and install on your PC , connect your device to PC and run this software , it will detect your device and connect it by their server . Click the button to root your device . It supports multiple phone. You can also unroot your device via SRSRoot. Visit their website and download the latest version


Site :

UnlockRoot Android

Another safest way to root your android device , the most easy and simple method. Unlock your device to get more customization features. You latest smartphones. Download this by visiting their official website


Site :

SuperOneClick Android Root

SuperOneClick is available for multi-platforms (Window, Mac, and Linux). You can root and unroot your device. Its very fast and smooth way to root your device , Don’t take risk in manual rooting , it might brick your device. Download it on .


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