Apple hires Nokia Lumia camera lead engineer

There are a lot of rumors on the internet about the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and one of them is about the camera that the smartphone is going to use. It is said that Apple will be using the same 8 MP camera but with better optics and that might be true as Apple hired Nokia’s lead Lumia camera engineer Ari Partinen.

Ari Partinen tweeted about it on his account by saying that he is leaving Nokia and will be joining Apple this June. Though Apple always had one of the best cameras out there in the market but Nokia has always challenged its competitor with their PureView smartphone camera as well that seems impossible to fit in a smartphone but still they have achieved it. The PureView technology on Nokia not only produces high quality pictures of up to 38MP in size but also takes good shots in low light situations as well.

The reason why Apple hired Ari Partinen is still unknown though his current title on his LinkedIn account is ‘Lumia Photography Lead’ but according to TechCrunch his current role and responsibilities in Nokia were ‘’ Working in the fields of mobile photography, image quality verification, verification up-streaming, 3rd party management and collaboration, supplier collaboration and technical marketing in various multimedia segments’’.

Apple has been trying hard to push their camera technology forward and have been introducing new patents for a camera that will have a smaller module, better sensor and electronic image stabilization. Apple hasn’t announced anything about their new hire yet as the news was taken from Ari Partinen’s tweeter account so we don’t know what post Ari Partinen is going to be assigned to in Apple.

iPhone 6 is said to be launch in September 2014 so let’s wait and see what Apple has really planned for their users this year.

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