Amazing things you can do just with an email

Do you use e-mails regulary? Then you can use your inbox to perform multiple social tasks. From inside your inbox you can post to social media, share photos, fire off urgent messages and can even control your smart phone. In this tutorial we are going to reveal some of the amazing things you can do with just an e-mail.

Update Facebook Status

You have a very own unique secret Facebook e-mail address. It is located in the Settings > Mobile. You need to have a Facebooks text service activated for this to work.

You can send an e-mail to this e-mail address and your message will be posted as a Facebook status. If the body of the email is empty, the subject is posted as status. Attach a photo or video and the subject line will become the caption.


Post to tumbler

Like Facebook, Tumbler has its own post by email mechanism. Navigate into the settings and you will see the e-mail listed there.

From you inbox, you can create text,  photos, chats, links etc. with tags if required. There is a full set of instructions available on Tumbler for you to refer.


Send an SMS

This is one of the best trick involving IFTTT apps. Use Email as you recipe trigger and Android SMS as the action, then set the subject line as the contact number and the body as the text message itself.

Post to wordpress

If you have a blog you can post straight to it via email (a self-hosted installation requires a plugin). Choose Dashboard and then My Blogs and make sure Post by Email is enabled under Screen Options.

The email’s subject line is used as the post’s title, with the body providing the actual content for the post. Image attachments can be used to add photos, and there are a bunch of shortcodes you can take advantage of too.


Post to Flickr

Dive into your Flickr settings or follow this link (when logged in) to find out what your upload-via-email address is. Send an email with photos attached to add them to your Flickr account.

The subject line serves as a title for your photo(s) while the body of the email can be used as a description field. If you want to add tags or deviate from your default privacy settings, follow the instructions provided by Flickr.


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