Amazing iOS Widgets That will make sure not to open apps

Notification Center widgets are among the best new feature introduced in iOS 8. We published an article on that. But now there are many more apps available with great widgets, with some even managing to make in the entire functionality of the app in the Notification Center itself.

These widgets are amazing and useful that let you save time opening apps to get the things done. We have just picked the best for you. Let’s explore the list.


A free widget that will let you create shortcuts, so that you can open apps, contacts and even websites. Want to whatsapp someone, or start an automated workflow you can go for it with just one tap. Once you have setup shortcuts in the app then you don’t need to open it again.



An amazing widget that will show you all items that you’ve just copied recently. If you are on a webpage and just want to copy multiple pieces of information just copy them and all will be displayed in Clip’s widget. Tap any of these and then copy it to your clip board again, and now you can paste that anywhere you need.



Again a freely available multimedia widget with album art and music controls. You can control your music player, but your options are limited. It will let you browse tracks and play what you want.



This is a translation app that has a very fantastic widget. It can translate anything that is copied to your clipboard. Once you set the language and here you go, it works perfectly.



It is still one of the favourite iOS app for its handy widgets. It lets you add widgets for calculator, calendar with month view, to check memory and disk status, photo frame and many more. The app exists only for its widgets.



A widget from popular automation service, which recently rebranded its iOS app. This will let you create or add up to three IFTTT recipes that you can launch with one tap from the widgets. It’s very useful and handy app to use.



Now widgets are not only meant for apps, if you want to take some rest and play games but without unlocking your iOS device, then you can download widget-based games too. 20148 Widgets is one of them. Though it takes a lot space as it uses a arrow key, but this may not be a big issue for you.




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