Amazing Apps to Convert Your Smart Phone into an Awesome Tool Kit

Utility apps are mainly designed to make your life a little bit easier or may be more enjoyable. From apps that make finance management easy to those that let you know about your health, there are many for our life style.

We’ve just figured out some of the best utility apps out a bunch to convert your mobile into an awesome toolkit. Let’s explore the list

Dark Sky

If you want to know the weather conditions at minute level you can rely on Dark Sky app. The app let you know exactly when like rain or snow is going to happen. The app is beautifully designed and a precipitation timeline that let you know minute by minute predictions.


Level Money

Among the various apps related to finance or budget, Level Money is the best option to choose. The app connects to your bank and tells you how much you can spend today.  It takes into account your monthly income, spending habits and saving needs. If you spend more than the suggested amount in a day, the app will adjust that money and let you spend less the next following day.



VLC is finally appeared on the App Store, after disappearing mysteriously in the past. It is very flexible video player that lets you play videos, movies and TV shows regardless of their file format.


Do Button

It’s an amazing app that let you customize your own Smartphone button. You can program it to do anything you want to do like track your journey on Google drive, send an e-mail to your friend residing at home. The app is presently available on App Store only. You can access the button from the lock screen of your iOS device as well.



It is a very useful and great tool to have if you want to split your. The app connects to your bank account and it supports 256-bit secure encryption and verisign verifications. It makes it easy to pay people very securely and easily.


1Password or LastPass

If you have multiple online accounts and there are different password associated with them and you usually get puzzle about your passwords, you can use these tools. These both tools are the competitors in the class. They will let you remember all your passwords from all your devices. With a special browser extension, you just need to remember only one password named the Master Password and the app will do the rest for you.



It’s a very amazing and intelligent calendar app with build in to-do list. The app let you learn How to get stuff done and smartly suggest way to build new habits and get things taken care of all on your device.



Humin is an app that remembers all the tiny details about how and where you met someone, so you can focus on the moment instead of remembering. All you need is someone’s number, and Humin will do the rest. You’ll then be able to search through your contact using familiar phrases like “met last week” or “lives in Brooklyn.”



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