Acronis secure erase hard disk

When it comes to sell a old hard drive or to just trash it, you always wonder if it’s safe even after a long windows format.  The answer is simple as that : no it’s not safe.  There are company that specialize in recovering data from old hard drives even after 6-7 format!

So you wonder what is the solution.  There are softwares which allow you to write random data from different secure algorithms that make it very secure if not impossible to recover data from.  Those kind of methods are trusted by U.S army and even NSA.

Today we present you how to securely erase your data on hard disk with Acronis Boot Disk using Drive Cleanse.

What you need

– Acronis Boot CD


How to do it

1. Boot from Acronis Boot CD. If you do not know how to do so, refer to our older guide here : Clone Hard Drive using Acronis 2013 boot disk.

2. On the boot menu of Acronis, select ‘Tools & Utilities’ then click on ‘Acronis DriveCleanse’.

Acronis DriveCleanse menu

3. On the next screen, you must select which hard drive present on system you want to securely erase.  Make sure you select the right one here as you will NOT be able to recover any data on it.  A good tip here, you can find which is which using hard drive size.  Select disk and click ‘next’.

Acronis Drive Cleanse Hard Disk Selection

4. Next screen ask you to select an algorithm.  This is how Acronis DriveCleanse will erase your drive according to different standard.  If you do not know which one to select here, chose ‘U.S. Standard’.

DriveCleanser Algorithm Selection

DriveCleanse U.S. Standard algorithm

5. Next step, is to confirm that you really want to securely wipe your hard drive.  Make sure you check ‘Wipe the selected partitions irreversibly’ and then click ‘Next’.

DriveCleanse Wipe Confirmation

6. Next screen ask you what you want to do when hard drive is wiped.  Make sure you select ‘Format’ here so hard drive will still be usable.  Otherwise you will need to re-format it later, it is just easier to do this now.

Acronis Post-Wipe Format

7. Acronis will now perform secure data cleaning.  Note that this step may take a while depending on your hard drive size (bigger = longer).

Acronis DriveCleanse wiping drive


You will now have a secure erased hard drive ready to sell or to dump in the trash can.


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