Accidentally dropped your phone in water? Recover it

It is usually happens to most of us, dropped our phone accidentally in water and then trying anything and everything to recover the damage. But don’t worry we’ll help you to recover it. We’ll tell you the best possible way to save your phone from getting damaged if it has just taken a dip in water.


Switch it off

Since usually your device was powered on when you dropped it in water, it is advisable to switch off you device immediately after taking it out. This will prevent it from any short circuit damaging the internals of the phone.


Detach Everything

After switching off your device just start removing all possible parts from the phone such as battery, sim cards, and memory cards as well as any accessory such as stylus, case, cover, skin. Use a dry cloth to wipe these items so that no water will remains on them.


Shake it

Gently shake your device to get rid of any water present in the headphone jack, charging port or under physical buttons. Now just wipe the phone with a dry brush, toilet paper, tissue papers thoroughly to remove any water present on the exterior.

Bury Deep it in Rice

Sounds Uneven? But this is one of the most commonly and most reliable technique. Get an airtight container or a zip lock and fill it properly with uncooked dry rice. Place your device in it and lock the container tightly. You can also replace rice with oatmeal or silica gel packs.


Wait ….

Leave the phone in the pack for about 24 to 48 hours. Don’t even try to take the phone out in between to check if it is working or not. If there wasn’t too much damage your phone should start working.

Still doesn’t work

Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your will surely survive out of it. There are only 50% chances of success. In case your phone doesn’t work even after it, take it to an authorized service center but keep in mind that water damage is not covered in the standard warranty policy.




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