5 Tools Every Java Professional Must Use

Every JAVA Professionals have a set of tools with them in their systems to help them in their work. Are you Java Developer of want to be one of them? Then in this guide we’ll provide a list of some tools that every programmer must know about. Some of you might think that notepad is enough but we don’t think so. Being a Java programmer I personally suggest that using these tools will surely help you accomplish your task more quickly and efficiently. For a new Java developer this tutorial will be a guide for selecting the software that you will be needed. Now let’s explore the list:

  • Notepad ++

I am writing this tool because this is the best alternate for NotePad and also it is very light and effective tool can be used in various programming languages as well. This tool can be used to edit xml, scripts or even HTML. The most useful thing about this tool is you can open multiple documents or files in the same windows, tabs are created for them. Also, the file will be remained opened after you close the window. Also, you can add multiple plug ins of your choice to it. It will highlight keywords and other programming statements to locate them easily.


Website: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

License: Free

Pros: Lightweight, has compare plugins, unix2dos conversion

Use for: Editing XML,scripts, or any codes

  • XML Maker


Being a Java Developer, you always need to develop XML files. If you don’t have any XML development tool, then you might end up with lots of problems.  We recommend XML Maker for this task because it is very simple and easy to use as well. It has a navigation pane in it which makes navigation between the various elements very easy. Also as soon we click on any element it will be highlighted there as well.


Website: http://symbolclick.com/

License: Trial Version available

Pros: Simple, easy to understand, easy to master

Cons: Need to buy

Use for: Editing XML, Schema, JSON


  • SQL Developer


While coding in Java, most of the time you need to connect with the database and issue MySQL queries to it. SQL Developer is a tool which will make your job done and be used to generate queries as well. This tool is very simple and free to use.



Website: http://www.oracle.com/

License: Free

Pros: Can get the job done, from Oracle, java based, no need install just unzip it, available on multiple platform

Cons: Requires JDK

Use for: Database development and Management


  • KeyTool


There are lots of people using java doesn’t know that this awesome tool is residing in their systems. Ofcourse, it is part of JDK. This tool is generally used for generating certificates and key strokes. The tool is rarely being used unless the environment you are working in develops enterprise level applications.



Website: http://www.oracle.com/

License: Free

Use for: Key and Certificate Management Tool


  • jConsole


Wanna show something different to your boss while developing in java? This tool will provide performance metrics for your program. It gives a complete detail about how your program is going to be perform . This tool is also available on your jdk installation. But in some cases you need to activate it first.



Website: http://www.oracle.com/

License: Free

Use for: Java Program Profiling




If you are a java Developer you can suggest more tools to add to this post. We are waiting for your responses.

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